Let’s get HIIT!


High Intensity Interval Training is just one of the training techniques I love to use to get your heart racing; it’s fun, testing and a fantastic calorie burner.

HIIT has proven research showing that it can dramatically increase your cardio vascular fitness and boost muscle tone.
HIIT can be up to 5 times more effective than ordinary endurance training if you are trying to lose fat, and keep it off without wasting away muscle.​

So how does it work?

HIIT is all about pushing yourself to the absolute maximum to enhance the amount of calories you burn during your session and for up to two days after.

The session will consist of short interval bursts of anaerobic exercise testing your energy system to the full, then longer aerobic intervals of low to moderate intensity exercise.

Training like this offers many more benefits that steady state exercise,(keeping your heart rate between 70-80% max)  can’t provide , such as:

• Increasing the amount of calories you burn during the exercise session and after it because it increases the time it takes your body to recover

• Reducing the deterioration of muscle mass which is common on weight loss plans combined with steady state exercise

• HIIT causes metabolic adaptations that enable you to use more fat as fuel under a variety of conditions. This will improve your athletic endurance as well as your fat-burning potential.

• During the Anaerobic intervals your body can’t get enough oxygen thus causing an oxygen debt, this debt has to be replenished this The process is called Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) and it can take up to 48 hours to happen. Meanwhile your body has no alternative but to burn up your fat reserves. So for the next two days your blood cells are rushing around your body grabbing as much of the fat as they can and taking it away to use as energy, while you work, sit on the sofa or sleep.