Welcome to BodyExPT, Tailored Personal Training to help you become the best of your ability.

I’m Chloe Spiller, I have worked extensively with clients that want to lose weight, improve their cardio vascular fitness and gain muscular strength. I have the up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge to revitalise your training and add a little fun into the Gym.

BodyExPT Personal Training helps you to work with your body to decrease body fat, lower BMI and Blood Pressure with simple nutritional guidelines and exercises that ensure results.

BodyExPT is passionate about teaching rather than telling you how and why we eat certain foods, and exercise the way we do to gain maximum results.

With BodyExPT you will learn many training techniques that will always be effective for years to come; you will learn healthier food alternatives and on-going nutritional advice to help change your lifestyle forever.





​YMCA Level 3 Personal Trainer​

Advanced Strength and Cardiovascular Training Techniques​

Freestyle Fitness Yoga

One-to-one Yoga Instructor 

Nutritional Advisor​

Spin Instructor​

Zumba Latin American Dance Instructor 

Public Liability Insured​

Training In Outdoor Environments​

Core Strength

Weight Loss Coach